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Speras E1 Pro LED Torch

Speras E1 PRO

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The SPERAS E1 Pro is an innovative, high lumen portable LED flashlight. This flashlight is equipped with LIMINUS SST40 powered by 1* 18650 lithium battery with 1700lm max lumen output. The single tail switch with memory mode function helps you to easily choose the mode you prefer. It is a perfect illumination tool to be used at home, outdoors or on duty.

R26 – Battery
Rechargeable Lithium 18650 battery with USB port
Volume:2600mah / Powered: 9.62Wh
Voltage:2.8V – – 4.2V
R34 – Battery
Rechargeable Lithium 18650 battery with USB port
Volume:3400mah / Powered: 12.58Wh
Voltage:2.8V – – 4.2V


  • A special circuit design with a high efficiency up to 95% with LIMINUS SST40 LED brings you a high lumen (1700lm) output in a compact portable flashlight.
  • Tail switch with memory modes help you to choose the mode (high, medium, low).
  • The E1Pro boasts a high mode of 1700lm, a medium mode of 300lm and a low mode of 20lm. It also has a strobe function.
  • Integrated Aluminum housing with a special inside structure to facilitate better heat dissipation.
  • The distinct temperature control system, accurately monitors the temperature to protect the flashlight.
  • Reverse polarity protection.
  • High-strength aerospace aluminium body, CNC precision machining, premium type III hard-anodized anti-abrasive finish for extreme durability.


Max Lumen 1700lm
Max Beam Distance (m) 284m
Max Beam Distance (ft) 931.76ft
Max Intensity 20,192cd
Net Weight(g/oz) 78.3g/2.76oz
Dimension(L*D) length:122.9mm; head:φ26.1mm; body tube:φ25.4mm
Waterproof IPX8(2 meters submersible)
Mode Operate Tail switch
Charge Type Battery Charge
Compatible Battery 1*18650 Lithium battery
Operate Voltage DC3V-4.2V
Reflector Smooth Reflector
Lens Hardened Ultra-Clear Glass with abrasion-resistant AR Coating
Material Aerospace Aluminum alloy
Housing Premium Type III hard-anodized anti-abrasive black finishing
Packaging Carton Box
Package Content 1* E1PRO flashlight

1* lanyard


2* O-ring

1* clip


No Batteries, R26, R34

Charging Cable

No Cable, Double micro USB charger

1 review for Speras E1 PRO

  1. Ralph Meyers

    This light supercedes any EDC light I’ve owned.

    Its not as small as my olight S1R Batton II was, but that is a great thing! Measuring at around 8 (of my) fingers in length, it fits the palm better and is at least half as good at disappearing out of your (pocketcliped) pocket as smaller lights. I would imagine this feels more like the S2R Batton II for everyone wise enough to switch from olight.
    If you love the mode varience then the Pro is yours, instead of the ON /Off, no fuss, Tactical or “T” model. The Pro offers great varience from the UBER bright to the (much brighter than other brans) “moonlight”/lowest mode. It also carries an Easter Egg in the strobe mode, which (unlike other brands) swaps intermittently from fast flashes to longer bursts and back, further adding to the disorientation/discomfort of the receiving party.
    Switching between modes is certainly not for those with greatly impaired fine motor skills. Getting use to the momentary-only (half/soft pres) , double soft (rotate through modes) and triple soft (for strobe) press can take, well, fine motor skills. The Pro mitigates that risk quite cleverly though, by reserving the full/deep press for ON/Off only. Like other premium brands, the light remembers your last setting.
    Certainly one of the more-useful-than-expected results of this is that while you are switching through intensities (I.e. double soft press), letting go always means OFF. When switching is done statically (like on other brands) rather than momentarily, you can get stuck with a bright (and possibly position revealing) setting until you repeat the on/off press cycle. With the Speras, you simply let go and return to off (or continue to deep press for full on). – this is something you’ll only notice and appreciate or not, through use. The soft presses can be difficult to become accustomed to.
    The pocketclip was shallow, easily replaced aftermarket to a deeper clip. Here too, preference matters.
    Now the light..
    If you want to light up a room, look for a snake in the back yard, fix your car engine or any other “regular” flashlight jobs, then Speras has even better value for money for you in their other lights. The E1 can do all that with a wide secondary throw, but it’s got a nice and bright hotspot, casting its beam further than any other leading torch brand in its class at nearly twice the lumin. A jaw dropping 284m at 1700lm. Bright enough to penetrate a good window tint, as a friend put it.
    Why 4? Because there’s no 4.5 and switching modes need more practice than other brands (albeit with said advantages).

    It’s a great light. It feels every bit as solid as other premium brands, punching at half the price and doubling the stats down to the 2m drop tested instead of 1, and boasts IPX8 water-resistance instead of IPX7.

    Verdict. Do it now.

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