Focus adjustable & zoomable(with RM03 Remote)

quiet tail switch

Suppot to change the LED module to get the green, red light.

Application: hunting or outdoor

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The Speras TH1 is a high performance, focus adjustable LED flashlight with an OSRAM LED and an advanced circuit design. The max beam distance is 963 meter with the 50mm optical lens.  The new innovative quite tail switch enables the user to use the TH1 effectively in a hunting environment. It has a memory mode function and fast mode changing capabilities. An added benefit of the new remote pressure switch (RM03), is that the user will be able to dim the brightness via the switch.  With unbeatable performance and a handheld size, it is ideal for the professional hunters, search and rescue or other outdoor lighting requirements.

The main advantage of the TH1 is that it doesn’t use red or green filters (which reduces your beam distance).

You can replace the white LED module with a red or green module giving you superior distance.

The price includes a R34 battery.


  • 364 lumens
  • 963 meter beam
  • Focus adjustable
  • IPX-6 rating (waterproof)
  • Quiet tail switch
  • 5 year warranty

No Batteries, R34

Charging Cable

No Cable, Double micro USB charger


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